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2017 NCAA Men's Final Four National Championship

Billy Hardiman is a self-described perfectionist. That’s a good quality for an electrical engineer, which he intends to become after he completes his education at Arizona State University. It’s also a great attribute for the photography he does through his company – Billy Hardiman Photography.

Billy borrowed his mom’s point and shoot camera when he was a little kid and became immediately enamored with macro photography. “When I saw potential in photography, I was inspired to practice to get better and become more creative in my shooting” he says. So, at age 16, he and his parents split the cost for a Canon T3i camera with an 18-55mm lens.

After reading the camera manual from front to back, he started making photos of mountains, flowers and sunsets, mostly. He yearned to do more professional work so he volunteered to take photos at events at his church. His reputation spread and he’s since done freelance work for Arizona Republic, Catholic Sun, East Valley Tribune, Ahwatukee Foothills News and Arizona State University.

Billy loved the experiences, so he began following professional photographers online to pick up more tips. He’s read about photo techniques, but believes the best way to improve as a photographer is to take more photos and gain experience. He wants every image to be perfect so he continues to learn all of the new technology associated with photography.

With money earned from his work, Billy has progressed to own four camera bodies and more than 10 lenses , including a massive 400mm that works like a dream at sporting events.

Photographing sports may be his favorite, but Billy also loves to take portraits because he gets to work closely with the people he’s photographing. “You can capture a moment they’ll remember forever,” he said. “I always get to know my subjects,” Billy said. “I want to incorporate something personal into their photos and it helps to connect with them.”

Billy is available to cover sporting events, create family and individual portraits, take senior photos, attend and photograph corporate events, take headshots of company employees, create fashion photography, photograph models and do a variety of commercial work.

Billy brings the ability to see the best possible photo in any setting and capture that image for his clients. Reach him at billy@picturebilly.com.

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